How to Improve the Trigger Pull on a Crosman Air Rifle

How to Improve the Trigger Pull on a Crosman Air Rifle

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Air rifles are an economical way to target practice or hunt, and can be very accurate at distances up to 100 yards. But some shooters find the factory-set trigger pull either too hard or too soft. Either setting can affect accuracy and shooter confidence. Many Crosman air rifles have triggers that users can adjust themselves. By following a few simple steps, you can tune your trigger to the perfect setting for your needs.

Items you will need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Test ammunition

  • Test targets

Unload the air rifle, making sure to remove any pellets from the rifle chamber or magazine.

Flip the rifle upside down, so that the trigger guard is facing you.

Check the trigger guard for a small hole near the front. If there is a hole, your Crosman rifle contains an adjustable trigger.

Insert a small, Phillips-head screwdriver through the hole in the trigger guard. Align the screwdriver's head with the small set screw located just in front of the trigger assembly.

Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to increase the force required to activate the trigger. Turn the screwdriver clockwise to decrease the trigger pull.

Fire a test round from the rifle at a target with a proper backstop, and adjust the trigger as needed to achieve your desired trigger pull.


  • Never work on a loaded firearm.


  • Fire several test shots to gauge whether you are more comfortable with a heavier or lighter trigger pull.
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