Instructions for American Camper Tents

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American Camper Tents were a discontinued brand of tents that retailed at large, discount box-stores and department stores. American Camper Tents provided families an inexpensive means of getting into the campgrounds for camping adventures. The tents were available in various sizes -- such as four and six person -- but all followed the same formula for setup and breakdown.

Items you will need

  • American Camper Tent

  • Hammer

Remove all contents from the American Camper Tent storage-stuff sack. Set the tent's main body and rain fly to the side. Pull the tent poles from the bag, and separate by size. Place the stakes next to the tent.

Assemble the poles based on size. Put the smaller-diameter pole rods together to form the smaller rain-fly pole. Assemble the larger-diameter rod blanks to make the main tent's body poles. Set the assembled tent poles to the side, and clear rocks and debris from the ground where the tent is to be placed.

Unroll the tent's main body over the cleared area. Turn the tent to face the door in a desired direction. Slide one of the main tent poles -- the larger diameter poles -- through the tent sleeves from corner to corner. Slide the other tent pole through the sleeve. The result is a criss-cross effect with poles crossing via the sleeve-pole sleeves. The tent's main body will now be up.

Spread the rain fly over the top of the American Camper Tent, so it aligns with the vestibule and door. Thread the vestibule pole through the sleeve, and push the tent pole ends into the vestibule sleeve-grommets to secure it in place.

Grab a rock or hammer. Walk around the tent, hammering the tent stakes into the ends of the pole-sleeve straps.

Check that the tent and fly are completely dry when ready to pack it away. Remove the stakes, pull the poles and let the tent fall. Break down the poles and place them in the storage bag, along with the tent stakes. Shake off the rain fly, and place it on top of the main tent's body. Fold into thirds, and roll the tent. Stuff it into the storage sack and cinch closed.

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