Instructions for a MEC 600 Jr. Shotgun Reloader

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The MEC 600 Jr. shot-shell reloader allows newcomers to shot-shell reloading to start reloading quickly with a minimal amount of setup. The five-station press performs all the operations needed to resize the empty hull, to add a primer, powder, a wad and shot and to crimp the shell closed. Reloaded shot shells perform as well as or better than commercial loads and save the loader as much as 50 percent over the cost of commercially manufactured shells.

Consult your reloading manual for the correct powder type, amount of powder, primer and wad for the brand and type of shotgun shell you are reloading. Only use components specified for the particular load you are using.

Remove the hex bolt and charge bar at the top of the reloading press using the supplied Allen wrench. Place the powder bushing in the charge bar and replace the charge bar in the press. Reinstall the Allen bolt that holds the charge bar in place. Slide the charge bar all the way to the right.

Remove the plugs from the plastic containers on top. Fill the right container with powder and the left container with shot. Replace the plugs.

Inspect the spent shotgun shells for cracks, tears or other damage. Discard any shotgun shells that are damaged.

Place a shell in the first station located at the left rear of the press. Lower the handle, and the depriming die will punch out the spent primer and resize the brass portion of the shell to the correct size. Raise the handle to the top position.

Place a primer in the primer cup on the second station located direction in front of the first station. Move the shotgun shell to the second station and lower the handle fully to seat the new primer in place. Raise the handle to the top position.

Move the shell to the third station located at the front of the press. Lower the handle until the charging tube is inside the shell. Move the charge bar to the far left position to dispense the powder charge. Raise the handle.

Place a wad in the top of the shell. Lower the handle, and the charging tube will push the wad into place. Move the charge bar to the right to dispense the lead shot. Raise the handle.

Move the shell to the crimp starting station at the left front of the press. Lower the handle fully to start the crimp, then raise it again. Move the shell to the crimping station located behind the crimp starting station. Lower the handle fully to complete the shell crimp and finish the process.


  • Do not experiment with loads or use the wrong bushing. Even a few grains of powder can turn a safe load into a dangerous one.
  • Wear safety glasses. Do not smoke and do not allow others to smoke near the reloading station when powder is present.


  • Purchasing a primer tray will speed up the operation since you won't have to handle the primers.
  • With practice, most people can load 50 to 75 shells per hour.


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