How to Remove the Stock on a Remington Shotgun Model 1100

How to Remove the Stock on a Remington Shotgun Model 1100

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Shotguns that are available from Remington come in many models. One model that you may have is the Model 1100. This type of shotgun was first introduced in 1965 and available as a semi-automatic 12-gauge, though it is now available in many different gauges. The stock of the shotgun, used by hunters and trapshooters alike, can be removed and replaced if it becomes cracked or otherwise damaged.

    Remove the screws that are used to secure the recoil pad or the stock butt-pad to the butt-stock, using the flat-head screwdriver.

    Remove the stock butt-pad from the shotgun and set it aside. This will expose the hole that contains the stock bolt, which is used to secure the butt stock.

    Place the shotgun butt-stock bit on the end of a nut driver or a socket wrench. Place the end of the butt-stock bolt bit into the bolt hole and over the bolt.

    Turn the nut driver or socket wrench counterclockwise to loosen the stock bolt. Continue turning the bolt counterclockwise and then pull it out of the butt-stock.

    Separate the butt-stock from the receiver and then set the old butt-stock aside. Place the new butt-stock onto the receiver and then insert the butt-stock bolt. Tighten the butt-stock bolt by turning it clockwise.

    Items you will need

    • Flat-head screwdriver

    • Shotgun butt-stock bolt bit

    • Nut driver or socket wrench


    • Secure the shotgun when removing the stock bolt from the butt-stock.


    • If the butt-stock bolt is not sufficiently tight, the stock will eventually become loose, which will require re-tightening the butt-stock bolt.

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