Instructions for the 5.11 Sureshot Watch

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Law enforcement, military and firefighting equipment manufacturer 5.11 makes a limited number of wristwatches. Its latest design is its field operations watch that includes a Horus Vision-designed ballistics calculator called Sureshot. The calculator takes thirteen shooting variables like bore height, ballistic co-efficient and the calculator provides shooting solutions like clicks for windage and elevation. The watch also has a digital compass, backlight and is waterproof to 30 meters.

Set the watch up with the initial shooting criteria by pressing the "Set" button to show the Target Result screen. Press and hold "Set" and Temp will appear on the screen. Press "Select" three times and BH will appear. "BH" stands for Bore Height. Use the plus and minus buttons to choose your bore height.

Press "Select" again to display BC for Ballistics Coefficient. Again, use the plus and minus buttons to select a preference. Follow the same procedure to enter other variables like "MV" for muzzle velocity and "ZR" for Zero Range.

Choose the Target Results display by pressing "Select" again to choose Display options like Imperial or Metric.

Set the shooting conditions at the range. Press "Set" to choose the Target Results screen again, and then enter range variables, like ambient temperature, altitude and wind speed. Follow the prompts on the dial and use plus and minus to change these variables.

Press and hold "Select" to return to the Target Result screen. The Point of Impact result will be displayed.


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