How to Install a Thule Cargo Box

How to Install a Thule Cargo Box

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Rooftop cargo boxes allow you to pack camping, hiking or other outdoor sports equipment on the roof of your vehicle safely and securely, freeing up valuable space inside the car for additional supplies or passengers. Thule, a Swedish storage manufacturer, makes a series of cargo boxes that offer a number of helpful design details, including an easy-to-use installation system. Although Thule's cargo boxes range in size, shape and capacity, installation for cargo boxes follows generally the same process.

Items you will need

  • Vehicle with installed roof rack

Step 1

Open the Thule cargo box and locate the four large Thule QuickGrip dials on the bottom of the cargo box. Turn the dials counterclockwise until the grips on the underside of the box are completely open.

Step 2

Place the cargo box onto the roof rack of your vehicle; adjust the cargo box forward or backward as necessary to center it on the roof. Avoid positioning the box such that it obstructs any doors or hatches, or overhangs the windshield and blocks lines of sight. Make sure that the roof rack bars are in the center of the QuickGrip grips.

Step 3

Open the cargo box and tighten the QuickGrip dials by turning them clockwise. Check under the box to make sure that the grips have closed around the roof rack bars and have a tight fit. Tighten the QuickGrip dials further if necessary.


  • Make sure the roof rack bars are exactly in the center of the QuickGrip grips and have a tight fit--otherwise the cargo box will slip around the roof when the vehicle is moving.


  • Get help from another person when installing the cargo box to make the job easier--lifting the box, positioning it and ensuring a tight grip go more smoothly with a helper.