How to Install Thetford RV Toilets

RV owners usually use the same toilet in their RV for years. However, an RV toilet will occasionally fail or an owner will want to upgrade to a newer model. Thetford toilets are one of the most recognized brands of replacement RV toilets. Don't waste time and money hiring a professional to do this job. Installing a Thetford toilet is something you can do yourself. It should take less than two hours and you only need a few tools.

Install Thetford toilet

Measure the dimensions of the RV bathroom toilet area and the Theford toilet. These measurements are used to ensure the new toilet will fit directly over the drain hole without interfering with any of the bathroom walls or the door.

Turn off the water to the RV. Remove the existing toilet by unscrewing the water connection and removing the nuts from the two bolts that extend from the closet seal on the floor. Lift the toilet up and remove it from the RV.

Slide a new closet seal on the bottom of the toilet extension. The old closet seal remained on the bottom of the old toilet when it was removed. Set the toilet down on the mounting bolts. If there is carpet underneath the toilet use a box cutter to cut it away. The toilet needs to sit directly on the floor.

Using the adjustable wrench tighten the nuts on the bolts until the toilet is stable. RV toilets do not use wax rings like traditional toilets but they still must sit firmly on the floor. Check the stability of the toilet by sitting on it and moving back and forth. Re-tighten the nuts if the toilet is loose.

Connect the water line to the back of the toilet using the 1/2-inch box end wrench. Turn on the water and flush the toilet. Check for leaks and re-tighten fittings as required. Use the towel to wipe up any water that escaped during installation.


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