How to Install a Tetherball Pole

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Tetherball is a game for two players that is played with a ball attached to a string that is attached to the top of a pole. Players stand on opposite sides of the pole and hit the ball back and forth. The goal is to get the other player to miss the ball and have the string wrap around the pole in the direction you are hitting. The game ends when the string has wrapped around the pole so many times that the ball is snug to the pole. Since the pole must be sturdy and anchored strongly enough into the ground to withstand the swinging of the ball, you must know how to install a tetherball pole.

Items you will need

  • Bag of cement Tetherball pole Tetherball Mounting clip (to attach the tetherball to the pole) Level Post hole digger

Select the area where you will plant the pole. This area should be away from trees or other structures and in an area you are not going to be looking at every day because the playing area will turn to either bare dirt or badly worn grass depending on how much you play.

Use the post hole digger to dig a hole about two feet deep.

Determine how long a pole you need or have. The pole should be nine to 10 feet tall, as measured from ground level, after installation. Remember, two feet of the pole will be in the hole. So, you will need to start with a 12-foot poll in order to end up with a 10-foot tall usable game pole. You can use a longer pole either by making the hole deeper or cutting the pole to the length you want. For instance, if you have a 12-foot pole, and you want a nine-foot usable game pole, you can go a foot deeper with the hole or cut the pole down one foot.

Mix the cement with water (follow instructions on the bag) and pour in the hole until about half of it is filled.

Insert the tetherball pole into the cement. Use the level to make sure that the pole is level.

Keep the pole level and add the rest of the cement until the cement is three inches from the top. Allow the cement to dry overnight. Cover the cement with some of the dirt that you dug out of the hole.

Attach the tetherball to the top of the pole with the clip. The ball must hang three to four inches off the ground.

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