How to Install the Superwinch LT3000 ATV Winch

The Superwinch LT3000 is an electric winch that mounts to the front end of a wide range of ATVs. It can be used to apply additional forward power when the ATV is stuck or high-centered, which can be extremely useful in off-road situations. It connects directly to the electrical system of the ATV, drawing power from the ATV's batter and alternator to operate. Mounting the winch requires a few common tools and a basic knowledge of electrical wiring.

Step 1

Disconnect the ATV's battery leads from the battery. Secure the winch to a mounting plate or structural support at the front of the ATV using the bolts provided.

Step 2

Remove the bottom roller from the fairlead. Disengage it using the freespool knob and pull a few inches of wire rope from the drum. Pass the wire end under the other roller. Replace the bottom roller. Bolt the roller fairlead to the front of the winch mounting plate using the bolts provided.

Step 3

Mount the handlebar switch using the brackets and screws provided. Attach the solenoid close to the battery in a sheltered position. Connect the red wire from the handlebar switch to the ignition switch. The red wire should connect to the port that is powered when the ignition key is turned to "ON."

Step 4

Connect the two wires from the solenoid to the winch motor. Attach the circuit breaker to the end of the red wire, wrapping the circuit breaker with electrical tape. Apply several layers of electrical tape to any portion of the wire, which may come into contact with sharp metal components.

Step 5

Attach the short circuit breaker wire to the positive terminal of the battery. Reattach the positive battery lead. Connect the black solenoid wire to the negative terminal of the battery. Reattach the negative battery lead.

Step 6

Pull several feet of wire rope off the drum by disengaging the clutch knob on the winch. Re-engage the clutch and activate the Cable Out switch on the handlebar switch. If the drum begins to reel in the cable, recheck your wiring.


  • Ensure that the wiring does not come into contact with any moving parts while the ATV is operated.
  • Never work in or around the winch while the battery leads are connected. If the winch is turned on accidentally, it could cause serious injury.


  • If you replace the wire rope, ensure that it is ISO grade 8.8 or stronger.
  • Make sure the winch drum is installed to that the wire rope is wound under -- not over -- the drum.