How to Install an RV Door

How to Install an RV Door

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Doors are a feature of RVs and motor homes that many people take for granted until they have a problem with one. Regular wear and tear will degrade the seal, hinges and the door itself on your RV. This exposes your "home away from home" to leaks, drafts, break-ins, insect invasions and other unwanted problems. Fortunately, you can replace your RV's door with a few tools. The type of door you replace will determine whether you need a wrench with nuts and bolts or a power drill with corresponding screws, so check this prior to buying your supplies.

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench or power screwdriver

  • Nuts and bolts or metal screws

  • Putty tape

  • Replacement door with frame

  • Plastic scraper

Remove your old RV door and frame with either the socket wrench or screwdriver, depending on your specific needs.

Apply putty tape to the outer edges of the exposed hole on your RV. The tape will help seal your new door frame and act as a buffer between the frame and RV body.

Attach your new door and frame with your socket wrench or screwdriver, whichever is appropriate. There will be holes in the new frame to guide your insertion of the bolts or screws.

Remove any excess putty with the scraper to finish your new door.


  • Make sure your replacement door frame's bolt holes match those on the door you remove before dismantling it. The holes in the frame must align with the ones on the RV for your replacement to be successful.
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