How to Install a Motorhome Slide Seal

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Sunshine should be streaming through the windows of your motor home, not the seals. Slide-out sections of RVs give users more space inside the motor home, but they come with some problems, most notably the flexible seals. As they age, they may crack because of weather extremes. Animals may nibble around the seals to take refuge in an empty RV. Changing the seals when needed protects your vehicle from additional damage.

Step 1

Extend your slide-out section all the way. Bring the section back toward the RV about 6 inches. This prevents the seat from stretching and gives you some slack to work with.

Step 2

Remove the topper or awning if applicable.

Step 3

Grasp the edge of the top seal with the pliers and pull. The seal slides out of the track around the slide-out. Repeat with the sides, sliding the seals out of the tracks along both sides of the slide-out.

Step 4

Measure the length of the top seal. Cut the new seal with the tube cutters.

Step 5

Spray the track along the top of the slide out with Windex. This lubricates the track.

Step 6

Slide the new seals in the track along the top of the slide-out with your hands. Do not use pliers; this may damage the new seals.

Step 7

Measure and cut the side seals. Spray the tracks on the side of the slide-out and slide the new seals into their respective tracks.

Step 8

Re-attach the topper if needed.

Step 9

Open and close the slide-out to check the new seals.


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