How to Install Marine Carpet

Although marine-grade carpet is designed specifically to take a beating from the sun and surf, sooner or later it begins to look a bit seasick from wear and tear. Before you put your boat up for sale or head out for your next voyage, consider installing some new marine carpet. In a short amount of time and with little effort on your part, your vessel will be looking ship shape and ready to take on passengers again.

Pull up the old carpet and set it aside to use as a cutting template.

Clean the area where your new carpet will be installed. If there are any large clumps of glue, sand them down, being careful not to damage the deck itself.

Lay the new carpet face down and place the old carpet on top of it. Trace the perimeter so you have a cutting pattern on the back of the new carpet. If the old carpet is not available, measure the deck and transfer the measurements to the new piece.

Cut the carpet using a utility knife or scissors and slicing away from your body. If there are long straight areas, use a straight edge ruler as a guide to ensure clean lines.

Lay the marine carpet where it is to be installed to ensure a perfect fit and then fold it in half.

Apply glue to a 1-foot strip of the deck at the center of the carpet and smooth the carpet over the glue to remove any air bubbles. Working in small areas, continue until the entire carpet has been glued down.


  • Make sure you use a marine-grade adhesive, as they are specifically designed for outdoor use.


  • Lay the new carpet in the sun for 15 minutes to make it pliable and easy to work with. If you have a long straight edge to cut, use a chalk line to snap your cutting line.

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