Where to Install a Floor Safe in an RV

Where to Install a Floor Safe in an RV

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Many RVers travel with important papers such as medical information, insurance papers and other legal documents. They also have a variety of other valuables that need to be kept safe. One way to protect valuable items is installing a safe in your RV. It is easy enough to install by yourself, but the trickiest part is deciding where to put your safe.

Wall Mounts

One safe option is one that mounts to the wall. You can be creative with a wall-mounted safe and mount it to a wall or the floor. These safes open with a combination, so be sure it is placed somewhere where you can easily access the dial. They are very heavy, so keep an eye on the weight not only because of the weight being added to the RV but you might have to reinforce where you're going to install it.

Floor Mounts

Floor-mounted safes are easily hidden. They can be built into a basement storage unit. A nice place for it could be under the sofa into a basement storage unit because it would not be easy to find. Be careful mounting the floor safe in the basement storage if you have slide out storage, this could cause major problems and damage to your slide. You could mount it the same way under a dinette booth. To install, cut a hole through the floor, making sure that you won't damage anything under it such as wiring or plumbing. Reinforce the flooring around the hole you made so it does not bind around the opening. Mount the safe and replace the flooring.

Other Options

Safes can also be installed in the bottom of a closet or bolted to the floor. This is the easiest way to install a safe and the most accessible. Another option is installing the safe under one of your bottom cabinet drawers. This is a good hiding spot because you must move the drawer before being able to gain access to it. On some RVs, a safe could be mounted behind the inside stairs if there is room behind them. You could put a hinge on the front of the step so it opens to allow access to the safe.

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