How to Install a Coleman Lantern Spark Ignitor

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A Coleman lantern spark ignitor is a lantern accessory used to light liquid fuel Coleman lanterns. While you can light a lantern with a match, it often seems like there's never one around when you need one. Spark ignitors are more convenient than matches, and safer than an open flame around lantern fuel. They give reliable service for years, with no danger of burning your fingers or starting unwanted fires.

Items you will need

  • Compatible lantern

  • Two quarter-inch washers

Modern Coleman Lanterns

Step 1

Remove the bracket from the ignitor by loosening the set screws from the knob.

Step 2

Loosen the nuts, and the bracket will come off. The bracket is not used in modern lanterns.

Step 3

Insert the ignitor through the match hole in the lantern that is farthest from the lantern knob.

Step 4

Replace the nuts and knob on the end of the ignitor on the outside of the lantern. If the ignitor is loose in the hole, secure it with quarter-inch washers. The ignitor is held in by tension.

200 Series and Older Lanterns

Step 1

Attach the bracket on the ignitor to the nut in the center of the burner frame by unscrewing the nut and fitting the bracket over the post.

Step 2

Orient the bracket so the stem of the ignitor protrudes through the match hole farthest from the lantern knob.

Step 3

Screw the nut in over the bracket. It may be necessary to bend the bracket slightly to get it to fit.