How to Inflate a Comfort Quest Air Bed

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Air beds are inflatable mattresses that make excellent camping beds or extra sleeping accommodations for the occasional guest. Air beds take up little space when deflated and provide a comfortable sleeping spot when inflated. The large number of air-bed manufacturers means that not all air beds will inflate in the same fashion. Comfort Quest Air Beds are easily inflated with the correct procedures.

Items you will need

  • Foot or electric air pump

Open the main valve on the bed. This is on the right lower side of the mattress when it is lying in the correct position.

Insert the end of the pump into the valve. Make sure you get past the safety on the inside of the valve by pressing the end in as far as it can go.

Inflate the mattress by activating the pump. Foot pumps will be operated by regular pumping on the plunger and electric pumps need to be set to the "blow" setting.

Quickly pull the pump hose from the valve when the air bed is full. This will engage the safety and prevent too much air from leaking.

Close the valve with the flap that presses into the valve hole.

Cap the valve with the screw on cap. The cap provides double assurance against leaks as you sleep.


  • If camping, always check the bedding area to ensure there are no rocks or sharp objects that could puncture the bed.


  • Rechargeable pumps are available that can be charged in a car's cigarette lighter slot and then brought to the campsite for quick and easy setup.
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