How to Identify Moose Tracks

How to Identify Moose Tracks

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Moose tracks largely resemble the tracks made by other members of the deer family – the simplest way to identify them is by measuring the size of the tracks. As the largest members of the deer family, mature bull moose create tracks that are at least 6 inches long; cows create tracks that are about an inch shorter than this. By comparison, elk tracks are only about 4 inches long, and deer tracks are about 3 inches long.

Heart-Shaped Tracks

Finding 5- or 6-inch-long tracks is usually all that is necessary to determine that a moose created them. However, moose create tracks that do have a slightly different shape than those of elk and deer. While they are much longer than elk tracks are, moose tracks are heart-shaped and narrower than those of elk. You may also notice dewclaw imprints in moose prints, which can help you determine which set of the moose’s legs made which tracks. The dewclaws on the hind feet point in the direction of the animal’s travel, while those on the front feet point out to the sides.

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