Ideas on How to Make Moving Targets

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Whether you want to improve your aim for hunting season or just add an extra challenge to target shooting, a moving target introduces a whole new set of challenges that a marksman needs to overcome. Making a moving target is a fairly straightforward process, and can be customized to suit whatever shooting experience you wish to simulate.

Electric Gear Motor Moving Target

By attaching a pulley system to an electric gear motor, you can create a versatile moving target for indoor or outdoor use. The gear motor spins a pulley that drives a belt. A target attached to this belt will travel around in a 360 loop. By wiring a potentiometer between the gear motor and the power supply, you can adjust the speed of this rotation depending on how fast you want the target to move.

Remote Control Moving Target

A simple moving target design involves getting a radio controlled truck or vehicle and attaching a plywood target to it. This has the tendency to make the target top heavy, so you will need to weigh down the remote control vehicle to make sure it stays standing, and choose an R/C truck powerful enough to move all the extra weight you're attaching to it.

Electric Track Moving Target

You can create a moving target that goes from side-to-side by building aluminum or steel tracks and running a battery-powered platform up and and down them. This can be powered by wheels or by a pulley-system that winds up a spool of spring forcing the platform in one direction and then the other. You can affix a variety of cardboard or wooden targets to this moving platform, depending on what sort of target you intend to shoot.

Prop Bar and Swing Weight Target

Build a gravity-powered moving target by using a pendulum attached to a pivot, which rocks a target from left to right. Pairing this rocking target with a static target enables you to mimic a "hostage situation" in which a gunman is hiding behind a hostage and using them for cover. This design of moving target is also desirable because it doesn't use any form of electricity, so is mobile and can be set up virtually anywhere.