Hunting Leases in the Hill Country of Texas

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Texas is home to the largest whitetail deer population in the nation, and nearly half of the state's deer reside in a region of central Texas known as the Hill Country. Abundant game and rolling, forested terrain make the Hill Country a prime hunting destination, but finding public land to hunt on can be a challenge. For some prospective hunters, the best option is to lease land from local ranchers and other landowners.

Finding Hunting Leases

Hunting leases range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars per hunter depending on a variety of factors. The cost may depend on the size of the plot of land, the quality of the hunting and the duration of the lease. Leases may span a few dozen acres or tens of thousands, and some are available for days, weeks or entire seasons. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website includes a listing of hunting leases available in the Hill Country as well as other parts of the state. You also can find leases listed on other private websites and regional publications. A current Texas hunting license is required. Deer hunting season extends from November into January in the Hill Country, though specific dates are subject to change. Current information is available through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.