How to Hunt Deer With a Knife

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Knife hunting is a method that's used to help introduce more fairness into the idea of hunting. Humans using camouflage, bait, guns and dozens of other items has, in the minds of some hunters, tipped the balance too far. Knife hunters do it the old-fashioned way: flush out the prey and stab it to death with a hunting knife. While this technique is traditionally used on smaller game like wild boar, deer can be hunted using similar methods.

Items you will need

  • Hunting knife

Step 1

Learn the terrain.
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Learn the terrain. It's important to know where the deer are, how many there are, and in what numbers they move. Unlike hunters who use guns, there's a very real possibility that you could be trampled and gored when knife hunting due to how close you have to get, so make sure that you know what you're going up against.

Step 2

Draw the deer towards you.
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Draw the deer toward you. You can use dogs to flush out deer, or you can work together as a group of hunters to bring the deer toward one another. You may also use bait if you have any available, but it works best if the deer are driven toward you at a run.

Step 3

Stab the deer in a vital area.
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Stab the deer in a vital area. Smaller deer can be hunted like boar; grab them and force them down while they run, then stab them to death. Larger deer may require you to step to the side and stab into their body as they run past, and you'll then have to follow up and deliver the killing stroke.


  • Bucks have antlers, which are meant for goring enemies. Be sure that you know what sort of deer you're going up against when knife hunting.


  • You may wish to use a spear or other weapon with a longer reach to keep deer more at bay during the initial moments of the hunt.