How to Feed Soybeans to Deer

How to Feed Soybeans to Deer

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Deer love to eat soybeans---so much so, in fact, that Soybeans make a good attractant for deer, especially for deer hunting. While deer like to eat soybeans, they will be even more attracted to toasted soybeans, which give off more aroma due to the roasted/toasted smell.

Items you will need

  • Deer feeder device

Acquire a bag of soybeans from an outlet. Look for roasted beans, as their scent will be more attractive to the deer.

Purchase a deer feeder. Deer feeders are available at hunting and outdoor supply stores, or they can be bought online.

When you are out hunting deer, you will need to set up the feeder on a stand or under a tree so that it is suspended and the soybeans will flow into the eating area by gravity. Deer have been known to bypass cornfields if they catch a whiff of roasted soybeans nearby.

There are numerous stores and sellers that will be able to advise you on the best feeders to use and where to set them up for optimal results. Once you have deer coming to your feeder to eat the soybeans, you need to be sequestered so as not to spook them into flight. They will, however, keep coming back to your soybeans.


  • Always use caution when hunting.
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