How to Use Popcorn for Deer Bait

How to Use Popcorn for Deer Bait

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Items you will need

  • Popcorn

  • Popcorn kernels

  • Apples (whole)

  • carrots (chopped)

  • Corn (raw)

  • Large bowl

  • Mineral salt lick

Attracting deer can prove difficult because their tastes can be finicky. By combining popcorn, popcorn kernels and fruits and vegetables and placing the mix where deer frequent, you can attract them. Deer prefer to have many options when it comes to food so they can choose what they eat. One type of food scattered everywhere won't grab their attention. They respond better to a variety.

    Mix vegetables and popcorn in a large bowl. Make sure the carrots, popcorn, kernels and corn are mixed well in the bowl.

    Place the apples in the bowl.

    Go outside into a clearing you know is near a deer habitat.

    Scatter the corn popcorn kernels, carrots, and popcorn, in the area. Do not pile them too closely, and scatter apples down in the areas close to the veggies and popcorn. Deer like to move from place to place and may not notice food unless it catches their attention from different directions.

    Lay down a mineral salt lick in various areas around where you scattered the vegetables, popcorn and apples. The salt is enriched with minerals, which also attract deer. The popcorn complemented by the other foods will keep the deer coming back.

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