How to Repair BB Guns

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Spring powered BB guns rely on the integrity of the spring to properly transport the BB from the magazine to the firing chamber. The spring can inadvertently capture a BB pellet inside of its loops during use and keep the BB from traveling to the firing chamber. This causes the gun to misfire. You can repair a BB gun that has jammed by following a procedure that works on any spring-powered BB gun. The repair does not damage the spring and will enable the BB gun to again fire BB pellets when the trigger is pressed.

    Cock the BB gun’s spring by pulling back on the sliding plate on the top. Press the trigger to release the spring. Repeat this procedure two more times.

    Remove the magazine cartridge from the bottom of the BB gun’s handle.

    Cock the BB gun’s spring by pulling back on the sliding plate on the top. Hold the sliding plate back with your other hand.

    Shake the BB gun from side to side. Continue shaking the BB gun until the stuck BB pellet is ejected from the bottom of the magazine cartridge. Release the sliding plate.

    Straighten out a paper clip. Hold the magazine cartridge in one hand with the grooved slot at the edge facing you. Hold the paper clip in your other hand.

    Insert one end of the paper clip into the slot on the magazine cartridge. Pull up about three inches on the end of the paper clip to compress the spring that is inside of the grooved slot.

    Hold the end of the paper clip inside of the slot at the three-inch mark for 30 seconds. Remove the paper clip from the slot.

    Cock the BB gun’s spring by pulling back on the sliding plate on the top. Aim at a tree or rock in your backyard. Press the trigger to shoot a BB at the tree or rock.


    • Always make sure that there is no BB in the firing chamber before performing any maintenance on a BB gun.


    • Do not aim a BB gun, or any other weapon that shoots a pellet, at a person or pet.


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