How to Remove Taurus Revolver Grips

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Taurus Manufacturing, Inc., also known as Taurus USA, builds high quality, value-priced firearms. While they manufacture firearms of all styles, their compact revolvers, such as the Model 85, are their most popular sellers. These revolvers are an excellent option for a concealed-carry license holder. Shooting such a compact revolver, however, is painful for some due to it's light weight and heavy recoil. Grips can be easily removed and replaced with a different style that helps absorb recoil and make the gun more comfortable to shoot.

    Point the gun in a safe direction, push the cylinder release forward then swing open the cylinder.

    Push in on the ejector rod to remove all rounds from the cylinder. Close the cylinder.

    Insert the screwdriver into hole in the right side grip. The head of the screw is slightly countersunk into the grip. Unscrew the screw.

    Separate the two halves of the grip. You can now install new grips by performing these steps in reverse.


    • Gently insert the screwdriver into the screw hole. It is easy to damage the rubber around the hole.


    • Never work on any firearm without ensuring that it is not loaded.


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