How to Disassemble a Taurus Revolver

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Taurus manufactures a variety of firearms including both semi-automatic handguns and traditional revolvers. The revolvers that Taurus produces include the .38, .357 magnum and the .44 magnum among others, and all have universal mechanical qualities. As with all firearms, revolvers require periodic maintenance in order to keep operating at an optimal performance level. Field-stripping the revolver is the basic process of disassembly for thorough cleaning. This process involves removing the cylinder, crane and grips.

Items you will need

  • Screwdrivers

Depress the cylinder latch and flip open the cylinder. Remove any ammunition if present. Look in each chamber to ensure that the weapon is unloaded.

Unscrew the center screw on the hand grips. Remove the screw, then take off the grips.

Open the cylinder if closed. Remove the two screws from the right side of the revolver. Note that some Taurus revolvers have only one screw to remove. Pull off the cylinder and crane.

Unscrew the ejector rod from the cylinder by turning clockwise. Note that the ejector rod is reverse threaded. Pull out the rod and the springs.

Remove the extractor star. Pull apart the cylinder from the crane using firm pressure. The revolver is now field stripped and ready for thorough cleaning.


  • Never attempt maintenance on a loaded weapon.
  • Always ensure that you wear adequate ear and eye protection when shooting a firearm.


  • Clean your revolver after every use to ensure that no powder residue or fouling occur.
  • Although further disassembly for a revolver is possible, Taurus recommends a certified gunsmith perform intricate maintenance or repair.
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