How to Raise Feeder Mice for Profit

How to Raise Feeder Mice for Profit

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Feeder mice are in high demand in many places because of the time and space it takes to raise them. This makes feeder mice breeding profitable. Reptile owners need the mice, but many pet stores do not have the resources to raise them. Before deciding to invest in animal breeding, or any business venture, consider the cost associated with starting the business. This includes surveying the market of mice breeders and considering the cost of obtaining, housing and feeding the mice. After you have determined that raising feeder mice will be profitable for you, you can begin raising feeder mice for profit.

    Purchase containers to hold the mice. Containers should be large enough to hold four to six mice each (with dimensions of about 20-by-10-by-6 inches), well ventilated and secure. Housing can be purchased from a pet store. Alternatively, consider using aquariums or laboratory-type containers with a plastic bottom and metal lid. Place the containers in a barn or other area that is infrequently visited by people to avoid smell and disease.

    Fill the housing with pine or cedar shavings or use sawdust to create the bedding for the mice.

    Purchase mice for breeding. Research local breeders to find a reputable breeder that sells healthy, active, slim mice with clear and alert eyes. Or purchase mice from pet shops or local biological supply houses that breed mice (biology departments of local universities will have contact information on these supply houses). Purchase mice that are four to six weeks old and that are correctly sexed.

    Feed and provide water for the mice. Purchase mouse food pellets in bulk from pet or farm supply stores. Use water systems designed for mice or dwarf rabbits rather than water in a dish to prevent standing water that needs to be changed often.

    Breed the mice. Breeders often place one male in a cage with five females, as a male can impregnate many females in succession. Males should not be placed in the same enclosures to prevent fights, injury and stress among the territorial male mice. Mice can be bred at the age of six weeks and can typically be bred for a year.

    Accumulate enough mice to sustain your small business, then begin selling the offspring of your breeders to local pet owners, pet stores and zoos. Keep track of the number, age and breeding productivity of your mice. Also, use basic accounting skills to keep track of your profits and losses to assure that you are running a profitable, sustainable business.

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