How to Make Homemade Tractor Implements

How to Make Homemade Tractor Implements

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Over the past few decades, corporate farms have been muscling out family farms for a larger share of the agricultural market. These businesses are backed by larger amounts of capital and are better positioned to maintain an optimal workforce according to the seasons. Measuring this trend, University of Missouri researchers consider the corporations’ ability to absorb major expenses as a primary factor in their agricultural rise. With little recourse, family farmers are choosing to shrink their equipment budgets by relying on their own resourcefulness. This includes putting together their own implements.

    Compare your financial budget with your time budget. Settle the question of whether the hours pulled away from farm operations will be compensated by the cost savings on attachments.

    Contact major manufacturer dealers regarding the availability of build-it-yourself kits. These sharply reduce the costs of the implements while maintaining quality control with respect to the parts.

    Consult with university extension personnel to see if they have any equipment plans in their archives. They exist to serve farmers and allied professionals, and often have engineers on staff.

    Perform an internet search for plans and designs. Federal patent sites, farmers’ forums and homestead publications contain instructions and advice on implement assembly.

    Choose a plan from among the sources listed above and compile the required components.


    • Realistically assess your own mechanical abilities. Assembling complex farm machinery can fast become a quagmire for novices.

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