How to Fill a Camel Hard Pack Lighter

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Zippo manufactured a series of Camel Hard Pack lighters in the beginning of 1997. In July 1997, Camel cigarettes pulled "Camel Joe" from their advertising campaign, which made the "Camel Joe" series to be considered collectibles. The "Hard Pack" was Joe Camel's jazz band's name. The series of lighters vary with depictions of Joe Camel and other members of the jazz band on the Zippo lighter cases. The Joe Camel Hard Pack lighter, as well as all Zippo lighters, is refillable. If your Camel Hard Pack Zippo lighter runs out of fuel, simply refuel it and continue to show off your collectible lighter.

    Remove the outer casing from your Camel Hard Pack Zippo lighter by opening the flip top and pulling the inside unit out.

    Locate the felt padding on the bottom of the unit.

    Lift the felt padding up at the corner and locate the packing material inside of the fuel chamber.

    Insert the tip of the lighter fluid refill nozzle into the fuel chamber.

    Tilt the lighter fluid refill until it begins to soak the packing material.

    Continue to fill the chamber until the packing material is saturated.

    Remove the refill container and replace the felt padding.

    Insert the unit back into your Camel Hard Pack lighter shell.


    • Always wipe away any lighter fluid that may have leaked out of the lighter before use. Do not refill around an open flame.

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