How to Clean a Remington 30-06 7600 Pump Action

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Items you will need

  • Cleaning rod

  • Felt patches

  • Powder solvent

  • Gun oil

  • Rags/paper towels

The Remington 30-06 7600 pump-action rifle is a popular choice for American big game hunting as well as target shooting, featuring a highly accurate round and a relatively quick firing mechanism. Cleaning the weapon is crucial both for operational performance and safety.

    Wipe the exterior surfaces of the gun with a paper towel, covering both metal and wood surfaces of the stock, action, trigger guard and barrel. Remove all mud or grime that may have accumulated.

    Open the bolt by sliding the pump back toward the trigger guard and wipe the inside of the magazine and chamber with a rag lightly moistened with powder solvent. Remove the powder residue that was deposited in the chamber from the detonation of the rounds.

    Clean the inside of the barrel. Attach a felt patch soaked in powder solvent to the end of the cleaning rod and slide it down the barrel from the muzzle end until you can see the patch from the breech side in the chamber. Run several patches down the barrel until a fresh patch comes out clean.

    Use gun oil to lubricate the surface of the trigger and trigger guard, and then wipe down all of the metal surfaces with a lightly oiled rag to remove any oils from your hands. These can corrode the metal and cause rusting.

    Slide the pump forward into closed position so that the magazine and chamber are protected from dust and other particles, and store the gun in a dry, protected place.

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