How to Dispose Ammunition

How to Dispose Ammunition

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How to Dispose Ammunition. You can keep ammunition as long as you have a license for it. Often the corresponding state department will need a good reason from you to possess it. In many cases, people have guns and pistols for self-protection. Make sure these lethal weapons do not get into the wrong hands. Here's how to dispose of ammunition.

    Contact your state county for more information on disposing ammunition or explosives. The Division of Solid Waste usually does not accept this type of disposal.

    Call 311 and press 1 for non-emergency police matters. This dial code works in most states. The operator will tell the appropriate police department to send in an officer to pick up the ammunition for safe disposal.

    Go online and surf for more options. Use Yahoo or Google to find private organizations doing this work.

    Pick up your local yellow pages and look out for disposal experts. Make a call and schedule an appointment for pick-up of ammunition.


    • Store your ammunition and/or explosives in secured areas. Do not keep explosives at home. Try storing them in the garage or a separate shed in your backyard. Keep all ammunition in locked/de-active mode at all times during storage. Check often if it is still in safety mode when lying unused. Clean your ammunition and explosives regularly. Promptly tell the police department if your ammunition gets stolen at any time. Keep a record/file of all ammunition you buy/store.