How to Disassemble a MAK-90 AK-47

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The MAK-90 variant of the AK-47 rifle is similar to other AK-style guns in that it is reliable, fairly simple to operate and easy to care for. Like all firearms, the MAK-90 should be periodically inspected and cleaned to maintain its safe mechanical operation. Knowing how to disassemble or field-strip the weapon is necessary for basic maintenance and is something every MAK-90 owner should be able to do. The process takes only a few minutes and requires no tools.

    Grasp the hand guard of the rifle with one hand. The hand guard is the frontmost wooden section of the MAK-90 and consists of an upper and lower section.

    Locate the magazine release catch and magazine on the bottom of the receiver just forward of the trigger. The receiver is the large metal piece roughly in the middle of the gun.

    Grasp the magazine-release catch and magazine with your free hand. Push the magazine-release catch forward toward the magazine while simultaneously pulling the magazine forward and down to pull it free of the rifle.

    Move the safety lever to the fire position; it is located on the right side of the receiver.

    Locate the bolt-charging handle on the upper-right portion of the receiver. It protrudes about 2 inches from the receiver.

    Grasp the bolt-carrier lever and pull it back as far as you can. Inspect the chamber to make sure the gun is not loaded. Release the bolt-carrier lever and let it slide back to the forward position.

    Hold the butt stock with one hand. The butt stock is the rearmost wooden portion of the gun.

    Locate the receiver-cover-release button on the rearmost part of the receiver. Press the receivers-cover button forward. Lift the rear of the receiver up and back to remove the receiver cover from the gun.

    Locate the recoil guide and spring inside the now open receiver. It looks like a long tube with a spring on it. Grasp the rearmost end of the recoil guide and spring and push it forward as far as possible. Lift it up and slightly back to remove it.

    Grasp the bolt-charging handle and pull it back as far as possible to reveal the attached bolt carrier and gas piston. Lift up and back on the bolt-charging handle to remove the bolt carrier and piston as a unit.

    Locate the gas-tube-latch lever on the right side of the gun forward of the receiver and just below the rear sight. Rotate the gas-tube-latch lever upward about 90 degrees while simultaneously pulling the top section of the wooden hand guard and attached gas tube rearward and free of the gun.


    • Firearms of all kinds are inherently dangerous. Use extreme safety when handling any firearm. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.


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