How to Clean Carburetor On Jet Ski

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Items you will need

  • Pliers

  • Bucket

  • Carburetor cleaner spray can

  • Crescent wrench

  • Rag

  • Canned air

When a small engine sits unused for an extended period of time, the carburetor will gum up with gas and prevent the engine from starting. You will have to clean the carb on your lawn mower, jet ski, 4-wheeler, or any other small engine before the engine will be able to get clean fuel and run properly. Cleaning the carburetor on your jet ski takes a few supplies, but cleaning the carb is well worth it to extend the life of your jet ski engine.

    Locate the fuel line connected to the base of the gas tank and to the side of the carburetor.

    Squeeze the clamp holding the end of the rubber fuel line to the side of the carburetor. Squeeze the clamp with your pliers and slide it down the fuel line hose several inches away from the carburetor. Pull the fuel line off the side of the carburetor and allow any old gas to drain into the bucket.

    Point the carburetor cleaner spray can nozzle into the side hole of the carburetor where the fuel line was connected. Spray into the hole for seven to 10 seconds. Reconnect the fuel line to the side of the carburetor.

    Unscrew the bolt from the base of the carburetor with the crescent wrench. This bolt will be holding the fuel bowl to the base of the carburetor. Remove the bowl and dump the old gas in the fuel bowl into the bucket. Spray carburetor cleaner spray into the bowl and onto the float that is above the bowl. Wipe the fuel bowl out with a rag. Spray off the area above the fuel bowl (where the float is) with canned air.

    Bolt the fuel bowl back onto the base of the carburetor.

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