How to Change the Battery in a Browning Gun Safe

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  • Always use fresh batteries, and never mix old and new batteries.

Most gun owner's will tell you that keeping your guns safely locked up is the key to preventing accidents. For home-defense purposes, however, you also want to be able to reach your gun when you need it. If you keep your gun in a Browning safe with an electronic lock, you have to know how to change the batteries in order to keep you safe functioning properly. Browning uses two different electronic locks on their safes: S&G and Lagard. These instructions will cover battery replacement for both types.

Lagard Electronic Lock Instructions

    Remove the battery compartment cover from the base of your safe's keypad. Gently pull down on the handle of the cover until it comes loose.

    Gently pull the old 9-volt battery out of the battery compartment.

    Unsnap the battery connector from the two terminals on top of the battery.

    Attach a fresh 9-volt battery to the connector.

    Slide the battery and connector back into the battery compartment.

    Replace the battery cover by sliding one side into position and putting pressure on the side until it snaps into place.

S&G Electronic Lock Instructions

    Remove your Browning safe's keypad from its base by pulling the bottom of the keypad housing out and away from the base. Grip each side of the housing with your thumb and index fingers of each hand and gently pull. Be careful not to tug on any of the wires running from the keypad to the base.

    Place the keypad so it is face-down, and remove the two old 9-volt batteries. Grab each battery by its base and gently pull it away from the keypad. The battery will eventually come free.

    Slide two fresh 9-volt batteries into the battery connectors on the keypad. Line up the connectors properly; do not force the batteries or you may bend the connectors.

    Push excess wire back into the keypad housing while supporting the keypad with your other hand. Make sure the wire is positioned away from the keypad mounting clips.

    Line up the keypad's mounting clips with the slots in the mounting base. Slowly press the keypad housing back onto the base until it snaps into place.

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