How to Attach the Bin Bagger to a 42-Inch Craftsman Tractor

How to Attach the Bin Bagger to a 42-Inch Craftsman Tractor

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Craftsman has designed a 42-inch grass catcher (bin bagger) that allows a user to collect the grass clippings and other debris that is normal re-distributed across the lawn as it is mowed. Once the mounting hardware has been installed, the removable collection bag may installed or removed in a matter of seconds by the user.

    Park the tractor on a flat hard work surface. Turn of the engine, and set the parking brake. Leave the transmission in neutral, and disengage the clutch. Remove the key to prevent accidental engine operation.

    Install the hang-support assembly onto the tractor's rear draw-bar (trailer hitch hole). Place the metal tabbed flanges of the support assembly into draw-bar slots located beside the trailer hitch mounting bracket first. Pivot the flanges backward, and insert four retaining pins included with the bagger kit into into each of the fopur draw-bar mounting holes. Make sure support assembly is seated correctly, then secure the flange pins with cotter pins.

    Mount the cover assembly to the support assembly. Lift up the cover assembly, and carefully align the cover mounting brackets with the support assembly tubes. Slide the cover assembly down onto the support tubes, until it locks into place.

    Mount the three bagging containers (bins) by installing the left side bin first. Install the next bin in the center position, and the last bin in the right side. The edges of each bin should always overlap with the bin beside it for stability. The center bin should be supported on both sides by the assembly support bars. Close the bin cover by rotating it forward, and locking the latch handles over the center support tubes.

    Connect the lower chute to the mower shield assembly by raising and holding the deflector shield in an upright position. Put the mounting slot located on the lower chute assembly over the mounting tab located on the mower housing. Position the lower chute over top of the mower opening (discharge area). Hook the rear latch (spring) into the flange hole on the back of the mower housing. Hook the front latch (spring) into the tab hole on the front of the mower housing.

    Lower the mower's cutting deck to the lowest position. Assemble the upper chute by inserting the curved end of the chute end into the open hole located on the rear of the bin cover. Handle the upper chute assembly carefully, so not to damage or bend the full bagger indicator located inside the chute.

    Push the upper chute into the bagger cover, then turn it (rotate it) so the chute has no twists along its length. Align the bosses on the lower chute with the alignment slots on the upper chute, and slide them together firmly. Secure the lower and upper chutes together with the rubber latch located on the upper chute end. Hook the latch pin on the upper chute onto the latch pin hole located on the lower chute. Pull the two chutes slightly apart to test the connection for strength.


    • Make sure the mowing deck is properly leveled to attain the best bagging performance. Run the engine at full speed while bagging for best results. Use a low gear setting to allow the mower sufficient time to collect all debris to be bagged.

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