How do I Load an Airstrike Model As240 Soft Air Gun?

How do I Load an Airstrike Model As240 Soft Air Gun?

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The Airstrike 240 is an air soft pistol from the manufacturer, Daisy. It is a much more substantial pistol than many other air soft pistols, due to its mostly metal construction, and its ammunition clip being weighted to simulate a real pistols clip. Once the clip is empty, you need to know how to load the Airstrike 240.

    Release the magazine. On the grip of the pistol, directly next to the trigger is a silver button. Pressing this will release the magazine from the pistol.

    Access the filling port on the magazine. On the front facing portion of the magazine is a spring loaded tab that will be at the top of the magazine. Pulling this down will reveal a small hole directly to the side of the tab. This is where the bb’s are added.

    Add the bb's into the hole carefully. It should fit around 14 to 15 in total. After doing so, carefully bring the spring loaded tab back up, until it stops naturally. It is natural for it not go all the way back up, due to the bb’s being loaded within the clip.

    Snap the clip back into place. Press the clip back into the housing of the pistol grip until you hear it click. This signifies that it is back in place.

    Load the chamber. Take the top of the barrel and pull it back away from the business end of the pistol. This will click the hammer into place and load a bb into the chamber. Be cautious, it is ready to fire now.


    • Always wear protective eye wear when dealing with air soft weapons.

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