How to Hook a Ski Rope to the Back of a Jet Ski

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Riding on a Jet Ski is a popular and enjoyable summertime recreational sport. Many people enjoy it just for the opportunity to spend time with family and friends on the water. In addition to riding the Jet Ski, you can also hook a ski tow rope to the back of it so that a person can water ski or ride an inner tube behind it. Learn how to properly attach the rope to the back of the Jet Ski to avoid injury or damage to the watercraft.

Items you will need

  • Jet Ski equipped with a towing hook or lifting eyes on the back

  • 75-foot tow rope

Step 1

Inspect the tow rope for signs of wear or fraying. Pull hard on the hook on the back of the Jet Ski to make sure that it's secure.

Step 2

Pass the loop of the tow rope through the ring on the towing hook. Pull the eye down to secure the rope. If you don't have a towing hook, see Steps 3 and 4.

Step 3

Attach the towing harness to the lifting eyes on the back of the Jet Ski with the clips on the harness.

Step 4

Loop the end of the tow rope through the quick connect pieces on the towing harness. To do this, push the loop through the hole in the quick connect piece and then bring the loop down around the sides of the piece.


  • Check your state's laws for towing inner tubes or water-skiers behind a Jet Ski. Some states require that you have a seat on the Jet Ski for the person who's being towed.
  • Frequently check the person being towed for any injuries.
  • Don't attempt to Jet Ski in shallow waters.


  • When you start the Jet Ski, have the person in the inner tube hold the rope. Very slowly accelerate and have the person slowly let out the rope to avoid letting the rope go under the Jet Ski. Once the rope is tight, there's no reason to hold the rope.