Homemade Tripod Deer Stand

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The tripod deer stand is a long-lasting and affordable hunting platform. Unlike platform tree stands, which are made of wood, the tripod stand does not degrade over the years because of rot. However, it still has the comfort of these larger stands. It is as mobile as any climbing tree stand and much safer, as you won't be in danger of slipping on the way up a tricky pine trunk.

The Ladder

The tripod design requires a careful consideration of weight and sturdiness. The lighter the metal, the more mobile you will be, but the shakier the foundation will be. For hunters who may be move their stand several times in the course of a hunting season, an aluminum ladder is your best choice. A heavier metal might work better if your hunting position is firmly established and the chance of distant shots is greater. The ladder's length is also a matter of utility. A shorter ladder is easier to haul through the woods, but sacrificing height means losing some visibility, especially if the area has a large amount of undergrowth.

The Supporting Poles

Make sure your supporting poles can be firmly grounded and leveled. This is important not only for your comfort and stability, but also for shooting accuracy. A canted shooting platform can throw off a shooter severely. To make sure the supporting poles will serve their function, attach a base with a diameter at least three times that of the pole itself. This will allow suitable contact with the surface to keep the poles grounded while preventing them from becoming mired in soft or sandy ground.

The Platform

An uncomfortable platform can make the hunting experience miserable. Some hunters choose to use the platform as a seat and the top rungs of the ladder as a foot rest. However, a larger platform can allow for a camp stool or chair where you can spend many hours comfortably without physical pain from sitting still too long. This decision is ultimately yours, but remember that the longer you remain in the woods, the greater your chance for a successful hunt.


The tripod stand must be sturdy but silent. This means all the components must be firmly connected to one another. When putting the stand together, you can take the parts to a local welder who can perform this task at a fairly minimal cost. However, you also can attach the components yourself with bolts, washers and nuts. The main advantage in using bolts and nuts is that you can disassemble the stand if you need to store or transport it.

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