Homemade Plastic Hunting Stand

by Charles Dodd White

With the variety of deer hunting stands on the market, you may find it hard to find the right fit. Instead, consider designing and building your own blinds and stands. If you're interested in a lightweight and portable deer hunting stand, a homemade plastic hunting stand may be the answer. Once you have decided what style of hunting stand will best work for your hunting environment, you can design it to be as luxurious or easy to transport as you desire.

The Ground Blind

The ground blind is the easiest plastic stand to build because you don't have to worry about it bearing weight. You can use any plastic material to construct a frame because it will be supporting only camouflage netting. Put together a plastic ground blind by building a tall box out of plastic tubing, then attaching the joints with nuts and bolts. A common size for a ground blind is roughly that of a standing home refrigerator. Once the frame is stable, drape and attach netting with staples, leaving a slit in one side so you can enter and exit easily . This kind of ground blind is very light and easy to move from one location to another.

The Ladder Stand

Smaller ladder stands work well in plastic models because of the availability of high-grade plastic ladders and platforms. Like its traditional aluminum predecessor, the plastic ladder stand leans against a stable tree with a platform that swings out and attaches to the tree's trunk. The connection between ladder housing and platform must be extremely durable in order to bear your full weight while still remaining flexible enough when the tree trunk shifts in the wind. Use heavy-duty bolts and hinges to ensure safety. Many hunters also install clamps on the top end of the ladder housing or on the platform itself so that the platform can be locked flat against the ladder during transport. This prevents it from coming loose and flapping as you move the deer stand through the woods. Even a plastic stand can make a distracting racket if you don't secure it properly.

The Tripod Stand

The tripod stand is least commonly seen in a plastic model. However, if you have access to high-grade plastic, you can build a tripod with a comfortable plastic seat on the platform. These plastic deer stands aren't as stable as their aluminum counterparts. Whatever weight advantage you might gain with a plastic tripod stand, you'll likely sacrifice some degree of shooting-platform stability.

About the Author

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