How to Make a Homemade Minnow Trap

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It doesn't take any special bait or talent to trap minnows. Simple supplies from your home and about 10 minutes of your time will leave you with the perfect minnow trap.

Step 1

Cut the bottle where it starts to narrow. Lay the bottle on a flat surface to keep it from slipping. Better yet, get someone to hold the other end. Use a utility razor knife or Exacto knife if you have either available.

Step 2

Place the cut top inside the remaining bottle with the narrow part down. Use the duct tape to secure the two together. This makes a funnel that the minnows will swim into but won't be able to get back out.

Step 3

Place some pebbles inside the bottle to weight it down. Make a small hole near the top of the trap and fasten a string about 15 feet long.

Step 4

Place some dry dog food or bread into the bottle and fill with water. Toss the trap into the stream in a calm, deep section. Check it in a couple of hours to see the minnows you have caught.


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