Homemade Hog Bait

Homemade Hog Bait

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While hogs will eat virtually any foods that they find, the smell of a good bait will attract hogs from great distances. Corn is a good staple for the bait, as it is inexpensive, readily available and a favorite food of hogs. However, corn does not produce a strong odor by itself. By adding a little fruit drink mix to the corn, you create a bait that hogs cannot resist.

Sweet and Sour Smells

Pour about 15 pounds of dried corn into a large bucket or tub. On top of the corn empty a large container of cherry-flavored drink mix, which gives the bait a sweet, fruity aroma that hogs love. Fill the container with enough water to cover the corn completely and let the container sit in a safe place for about a week. Over this time, the bait will develop a very strong odor. Once placed in a feeder or directly on the forest floor, the bait is likely to attract pigs from near and far. If you do not have any fruit-flavored drink mix, use beer instead. The pungency of the beer helps to create an aroma that the hogs can detect and follow.

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