Homemade Brackets for Deer Blinds

Homemade Brackets for Deer Blinds

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Some deer blinds are elevated above the ground so that hunters can sit up high in the air and get a real lay of the surrounding area so they can watch for passing deer. When building your own elevated deer blind, you can make your own brackets to keep the structure stable.

Wooden Brackets

By taking two pieces of wood and screwing them securely into each corner of the elevated deer blind, a natural bracket will be created, as all the pressure from your weight on top of this elevated deer blind will be supported by these brackets on each corner. Take these two small, thicker pieces of wood and press them together at their ends to create an "L" shape on the corner of the structure, screwing them securely in place with a couple of wood screws. These wooden brackets should be installed on all joints of the elevated deer stand structure.

Metal Brackets

By taking two small, solid pieces of metal and placing them end to end at the corners of the elevated deer blind structure in an "L" shape, a very strong homemade bracket can be created. You will need to screw in these metal pieces to the wood, so drilling guide holes in these pieces of metal will have to be done first. Installing these individual strips of steel over all of the joints of the elevated deer blind will make it much stronger. These small, strong metal pieces can be found at scrap metal yards or in hardware stores.

Elevator Brackets

While not necessarily homemade, elevator brackets are used to clamp and hold one piece of wood or metal while being screwed into or clamped onto large structure. These elevator brackets have been used regularly in the construction of elevated deer blinds, as they are ideal for supporting the legs that hold up the base of the blind, where the hunter sits in camouflage and watches. You can buy these elevator brackets at sporting goods stores or create them yourself out of very specific pieces of scrap metal and screws.

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