Homemade BB Gun Targets

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BB guns allow people to practice their marksmanship without having to use a rifle or pistol. These guns use air pressure to fire small, round-metal pellets -- or BBs -- at their intended targets. Due to the weight of these BB's -- and the low amount of power found in these guns -- it takes a bit of practice to become proficient at hitting your intended target. Targets can easily be made that allow you to improve your marksmanship with BB guns.

    Find a large, cardboard shoebox with the top still on. Cut a large square in the top of the box. Remove the top. Insert two screws through the bottom of the shoebox and into the wall where you want to install the BB-gun target.

    Cut a piece of foam with the boxcutter. The foam should fit over the bottom of the shoe box. Use a hot-glue gun to permanently attach the foam to the bottom of the shoebox. Place the lid over the shoebox bottom.

    Draw a simple target or bull's eye on a blank piece of paper. Attach the paper to the front of the shoebox with thumbtacks. Place it over the opening you cut previously. BBs fired into the shoebox will hit the foam, either becoming embedded or bouncing into the bottom of the box.


    • Leave a large lip at the bottom of the shoebox top to stop the BBs from ricocheting.


    • Always wear eye protection when shooting BB's at an indoor target; they could ricochet off a wall, causing injury.


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