How to Haul a Golf Cart

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Most often, it is necessary to haul or trailer a golf cart to move a cart from one course to another, move a personal cart from a home to the beach or take in a cart for maintenance. Hauling a cart is a moderately easy process, but care and consideration also must go into the process.

Items you will need

  • vehicle with towing package, including towing hitch and trailer light wiring

  • trailer of appropriate size to carry the weight of a cart

  • tied-down or ratchet straps

Connect the trailer to the towing vehicle. Attach the ball receiver of the trailer over the top of the hitch ball, which is attached to the tow hitch of the vehicle. It is necessary to lift open the hitch latch located on the ball receiver of the trailer.

Securely latch the ball receiver of the trailer shut by pushing down the latch. Secure the latch with a pin or lock through the small hole located at the front of the latch. This will also help prevent theft of the trailer as this locks the hitch closed. Connect the wiring harness from the tow vehicle to the harness of the trailer.

Drop the ramp gate of the trailer, if so equipped. It will be necessary to remove the side latch pins to release the gate down to the ground. If no gate is present on the trailer position two portable ramps on the edge of the trailer to enable the cart to drive in.

Load the golf cart onto the trailer by driving it to the front of the trailer rail. Set the parking brake securely and use ratchet or tie-down straps to secure the cart to the trailer. Close the ramp and secure it with the side latch pins.

Tow the trailer at or slightly below the posted speed limit. Take care to watch the trailer when making turns and to allow extra room when passing other vehicles.


  • Use care and caution when towing. Periodically stop to check the trailer connections, including the hitch and wiring.


  • Practice towing the trailer on a less-busy road or parking lot until you are confident in maneuvering the trailer.
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