How to Hang a Dartboard Without Fixing it to a Wall

How to Hang a Dartboard Without Fixing it to a Wall

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While most dartboards are intended to be hung on from the wall, there are times when this isn't possible, including when you're living in rented housing or need to hang the dartboard in a room with concrete block walls that nails won't penetrate. In this case, one solution is to hang the dartboard on a portable frame. In this article, you'll learn how set up your dartboard using a portable dartboard stand.

Items you will need

  • Portable dartboard stand

  • measuring tape

  • pencil

  • masking tape

A portable dartboard stand

Select an area to set up your dartboard. Choose a space that is not frequently traveled by pets or other people in the house and where there are not breakable objects within 3 feet of the dartboard. Try to select an empty area about 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. If you are a beginning darts player, you will probably want to put down a rug or carpeting in this area to protect both the floor and the tips of your darts.

A portable dartboard cabinet

Set up the portable dartboard stand according to the manufacturer's instructions. Hang the dartboard on the stand. Use the measuring tape to make sure that the bullseye is exactly 5 feet, 8 inches from the ground. If it is not, adjust the stand as necessary.

How to set up a throwing area for darts

Measure from the center of the dartboard outwards into the throwing area. If you have steel-tipped darts, measure out 7 feet, 9¼ inches and mark the spot. For soft-tipped darts, measure out 8 feet from the dartboard and mark the spot. Place an 8 inch long piece of masking tape across the spot you've marked. This is the oche (pronounced "ockey") or throw line. You're ready to throw!

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