Greatland Outdoors Tent Instructions

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Greatland tents are made by NorthPole and sold by Target. The tents can also be found through and eBay. There are several models of Greatland tents, from simple two-person domes to multiroom tents that sleep up to eight people. No matter which Greatland tent you have, the setup procedure is similar, and the tents come with everything you need to get them pitched quickly.

Ready the Tent

Spread the tent out on the ground on a flat surface. If necessary, remove rocks and twigs from the ground before putting down the tent. Assemble the poles that come with the tent and place them over the color-coded sleeves that match each pole.

Assemble the Tent

Slide the poles through the appropriate sleeves. After they are in the sleeves, arc the poles gently to make the tent pop up. Secure the poles to the tent by sliding the pin rings at the base of each pole sleeve into the hole in the pole.


Attach the rainfly by throwing it over the tent and adjusting it until the shape of the fly lines up with the tent. The fly has hooks to clip into the rings at the bottom of the tent near the poles. After clipping the fly into place, put down a ground sheet that matches the tent shape and secure the tent with the provided stakes.

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