How to Find a Glock Certified Armorer

by Jeremiah Blanchard
Learn how to find a certified Glock armorer.

Learn how to find a certified Glock armorer.

Glock pistols originated in Austria over two decades ago. They revolutionized the handgun industry with a simple, lightweight design, combined with high-end polymer technology, according to Glock.com. Most Glock owners can easily field-strip their handgun to perform necessary maintenance. Other more intricate maintenance duties can be complicated, and will require the skills of a certified Glock armorer. Glock armorer classes are offered all over the U.S., and these services are fairly easy to locate.

  1. Contact your local Glock dealer and ask if they have a certified armorer on hand. Most authorized Glock dealers will have a couple on staff.

  2. Go to your local gun shop to see if they have certified Glock armorers. Many larger sporting goods stores may have this service, while smaller mom-and-pop gun shops may not. Typically, a sign is put in the window of the business with a certified Glock armorer logo on it. This lets you know that they do have a certified Glock armorer on hand.

  3. Search online for Glock armorers in your area. Many gun shops have websites, and those who sell Glock handguns will have a reference listing if they have a certified armorer on site.


  • Glock armorer training courses and Glock armorer manuals are available in many places throughout the U.S. You also could become a certified Glock armorer.


  • Never point a Glock handgun at anything that you do not intend to shoot or kill.

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