How to Fold a Pop Up Blind

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Pop-up blinds are often used by hunters to disguise their location from animals. These blinds, which are light and easy to transport, unfold with ease. However, folding pop-up blinds can be challenging. Pop-up blinds must be folded a certain way so that they lay flat and can fit into the soft-sided case that sometimes comes with them. Failure to fold a pop-up blind correctly can damage the flexible frame by bending it the wrong way, and may also cause the blind to pop open at inopportune moments.

Place a hand on either side of the pop-up blind and pull it together, compressing it into a flat shape. Flip the pop-up blind onto its side and push down. Make sure that the extra fabric from the sides is being folded into the blind.

Kneel down at the bottom edge of the blind (the open part that was once touching the ground). Grab onto the blind's rings, which should be located about 1 foot above each of the bottom corners. Bring your hands together, folding the bottom portion of the blind into a U shape.

Holding the rings with one hand, grab the rings at the point of the U with your free hand. Pull the point into the center of the blind, beneath the side rings in your first hand.

Push down with the hand holding the side rings to secure the point in the center of the blind. Let go of the point. With your free hand, shape the rings into an overlapping circle.

Slide the folded blind into its case, if applicable. Gather up accessories, such as any ties and stakes used to secure the pop-up blind.

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