How to Put a Fly-Fishing Rod and Reel Together

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Put a Fly-Fishing Rod and Reel Together

Put a Fly-Fishing Rod and Reel Together

Most fly-fishing rods come in more than one piece, which allows for easier transport and storage. Putting them together properly can keep parts from getting bent or broken and will ensure that they work as intended.

  1. Put the rod together first and then attach the reel, if they came separately.

  2. Locate and identify all the sections of your rod. They break down into two, three or four pieces. The top end is the tip section. The heavier section with the grip is the butt section. The ferrule is the connection between the pieces.

  3. Place the tip end into the butt end, or for multiple pieces start at the tip end. You can line up the guides - the metal eyelets the line goes through - later, because you want to twist the tip end to tighten it into place. If you start with the sections offset at a 45-degree angle, when you twist it into place you will be lined up. For three-piece rods, put the top two pieces together and then assemble the same as a two-piece rod. For four-piece rods, assemble the top two and bottom two sections and then put them all together.

  4. Be careful not to push or pull the pieces of your rod together by the guides - they will come free of the rod very easily, and don't snap them back into place.

  5. Make sure the connection between each section is snug, but not so tight that you won't be able to pull it apart later when you want to take the rod apart.

  6. Decide which direction the reel handle should face: this is determined by whether you are right- or left-handed. Where the reel attaches to the rod is called the reel seat, and the bar across the reel is the foot.

  7. Slide the foot into the slot on the rod, and screw the locking ring over the end so that it is snug but not overly tight.

  8. Slide the reel into the reel seat, slide the reel lock over the top of the reel foot and screw it down.

Items you will need

  • Fly-fishing Wading Jackets
  • Backing/fly-fishing
  • Fishing Fly Box
  • Fishing Fly Kit
  • Fly-fishing Flies
  • Fly-fishing Leaders
  • Fly-fishing Lines
  • Fly-fishing Nets
  • Fly-fishing Reels
  • Fly-fishing Rods
  • Fly-fishing Vests
  • Waders

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