How to Flush a Sea-Doo GTX

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Sea-Doo's GTX line of personal watercraft features tilt steering, multiple speed settings, an on-board security system and a seating capacity of three. The GTX is designed to provide riders with comfort and minimal maintenance while spending hours out on the water. When it's time to winterize your GTX or store it for a few days, be sure to flush out its cooling system. The GTX's rear water outlet gives you the ability to flush out salt and other sediment from the inside of the cooling system.

Items you will need

  • Cloth

  • Bombardier lube

  • Anti-seize lube

  • Water hose

Thread a water hose into the water outlet port on the back of your GTX. Turn on the engine and then turn on the water hose. Allow the engine to run for at least three minutes.

Spray Bombardier lubricant into the left side of the air intake silencer to keep the engine at a strong idle while flushing.

Turn off the GTX engine and then turn off the water hose after flushing the cooling system for at least three minutes. Pat the engine dry with a cloth.

Disconnect the spark plugs and plug them into the grounding terminals to the engine's north.

Turn on the engine and close the fuel valve. Spray the engine with Bombardier lubricant. Shut off the engine after a minute has passed.

Disconnect the spark plugs from the grounding terminals and spray the plugs with Bombardier lubricant. Turn on the engine for two or three seconds and turn it off. Spray spark plugs with anti-seize lubricant and reconnect the spark plugs to the engine.


  • Don't flush your GTX until the engine has cooled and you're done riding it for the day.
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