How to Fix Up a 1976 Starcraft Galaxy 6 Pop-Up Camper

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The 1976 Starcraft Galaxy 6 was a small pop up camper that still remains in use today. A wide variety of replacement and reconditioning parts are available to make your pop up look and travel like new, including interior components and canvas tops. As a reconditioning should always begin with making sure that the camper is safe to travel with, always check the wheels and axle first.

Check the wheels and tires to make certain they are safe. The wheels should be straight and free of rust. The tires should have plenty of tread and should show no evidence of cracks in the side walls. If you have any doubts about the safety of the wheels and tires on the trailer, they can be easily replaced with new wheels and tire available at a trailer store, RV outfitter or even some department stores.

Check the frame of the trailer for excessive rust. If necessary, clean the frame using a wire brush and apply rubberized undercoating to the frame to protect it from further rusting.

Open up the camper and remove all the components that will need to be replaced. You will want to replace all of the interior soft surfaces to get rid of musty smells or other damage. Remove the canvas covers from the sides, front and back of the camper. If necessary, you can cut the canvas away with a utility knife. Avoid damaging the mounting hardware, however. With the canvas removed, carefully remove the mounting hardware and place it in a safe location.

Remove the other interior components that need to be replaced. Retain the measurements of the cabinets in the camper so that you can purchase replacements.

With the interior components removed, check the camper's plumbing and electrical systems to make certain they function correctly. If they appear damaged, replace them at this point.

Sand the painted surfaces of the camper using 400-grit sandpaper. This will remove loose paint as well as any decals that may be delaminating. In addition, this will prepare the surfaces for the application of the spray paint.

Paint the surfaces of the camper that require painting. While the Starcraft Galaxy 6 was available only in white, you can paint the camper to match your tow vehicle, if you wish. Simply match the paint code for your vehicle to an appropriate can of touch-up spray paint in your local automotive store. Ask a sales associate for help in finding your paint code, as many manufactures put them in different places on the car or truck.

Install the replacement interior components such as the cabinets, flooring and soft surfaces, and then install the replacement canvas top to complete the reconditioning.


  • Check the frame of the camper carefully prior to purchasing a vintage camper. If it is excessively rusted, you should not purchase it.


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