How to Fix a Daisy Red Ryder Repeater

Daisy Red Ryder BB guns are a seeming "right of passage" for many American youth. These air guns are powered by cocking the trigger guard, and teach youngsters the importance of gun safety and proper gun handling. The repeater is the section of the gun that holds the BBs, and feeds single BBs into the chamber for use. When the repeater gets stuck, it is necessary to free the stuck BB to make the Red Ryder usable.

Point the Red Ryder in a safe direction and open the trigger guard. Raise the barrel of the rifle to a 45-degree angle and shake. Try and free the stuck BB from the repeater by raising and then tilting the barrel up and down.

Cock and fire the Red Ryder three to four times once the tilt and raise technique has been done. Daisy recommends cocking and firing up to three times to free the BB.

Open the ammo load hatch. Pour the remaining BBs into a cardboard box or container.

Tilt and raise the barrel once more. Cock and shoot two to three more times to free the single BB from the repeater. If this does not clear the repeater and jam, make arrangements to bring the Red Ryder to a certified Red Ryder technician. Find a tech online through the Daisy website (see Resources).


  • Treat every gun as though it were loaded for safety's sake.


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